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Fruits. Healthy Foods. Book an appointment with Kathryn Dodds, Clinical Nutiritionist and owner of Wellspring Health to improve your health. Weight loss, gut health and children's nutrition (picky eating and food refusal). Book your initial appointment at today!

Book Your Appointment

Head to our calendar to find the perfect appointment time for you!

How We Do Things

Free 10 Minute Enquiry Call

We offer a FREE 10 Minute call to go through any questions you might have, and to make sure that our Nutrition services are a good fit for you.

If you are not sure what type of appointment you need or if we would work with your current medical history, just book in a time for us to call you and we can go from there. 

If you have questions about funding support or appointment times, we are happy to answer questions those too!

Online Appointments and Convenient Times

Our appointments are delivered online via phone call or video call for your convenience. Gone are the days of trying to entertain four kids in a waiting room for an hour while you have an appointment! 


No matter where you are, we would love to connect with you. 

We offer a range of convenient times, including a popular 'lunch break' option and before or after work time slots, to help you access healthcare without all the hassle. 

Evidence-Based and Holistic Nutrition Advice

Nutritional Medicine can assist with a wide range of medical conditions and health goals at every age and stage of life. 

It is integral to our practice that all advice, supplementation, treatment plans and meal plans be well researched and scientifically accurate.

Our advice is holistic and takes into account your dietary intake, lifestyle practices, and medication or supplements. Nutrition interventions support you as a whole person.

Personalised Treatment Plans

Every person is unique, has a specific set of circumstances, medical history, genetics and family structure. We know that you have enough going on as it is, so we want to support you and make it easier to take steps towards greater health.


All treatment plans are personalised to your unique circumstances. We will work with you to create a plan that you are excited to follow, and that you will be able to achieve on a daily basis.  

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